Facebook Ads In Ormond Beach

Sitehues Media is dedicated to helping Ormond Beach businesses realize their potential by providing superior strategies. Our Facebook Ads are tailored and crafted for success, ensuring your business has the online presence necessary to expand!

Make the most of your digital presence with easy-to-use Facebook Ads from Sitehues Media—the hassle free solution to online marketing.

Our Facebook Ads efforts have been a success!

Facebook Ads – Case 1


We should always try to test ads by expanding targeting if the narrow-down approach is not working because a broader audience pool gives the algorithm enough data to decide where to serve ads and generate ROI.


Final Outcome:

We have got 378 leads at a CPR of $6.41.

Facebook Ads – Case 2


Once we gathered enough leads and clicks data, we created a lookalike ad set targeting 1% lookalike audience. Using the lookalike audience, cost per lead went down 50% compared to the interest-based sd sets. We also used retargeting ads to those who opened but did not fill the Lead form.

Final Outcome:

We were able to generate 846 high quality leads at a CPR of $14.05 for this client (a business with almost zero online presence).

What customers say about us?

At our company, we are proud to be providing exemplary customer service as evidenced by the glowing testimonials from satisfied clients in our Customer Satisfaction Survey. Our team strives for nothing less than personalized attention and comprehensive market insight in order to build strong relationships with all of those who use us for their needs.

Sitehues Media saves us time and just focus on sales and have these amazing people from Sitehues Media to do the magic. As an agency owner from Philippines Sitehues Media is just AMAZING!

– Rodolfo V.

Where have you been all my life? Literally where? OMG. Solved so many issues I’ve previously had in my business (with fulfillment, reporting, everything!). The transparency is INSANE. The support is Outstanding

– Lisa G..

Our mission for customer satisfaction has been a resounding success; clients are so pleased with their experiences that they’re spreading the word, contributing to 75% of our business. Our team is dedicated to providing outstanding service and quality every day!

Being with Sitehues Media for a few months and have had a great experience thus far. They are driving tangible results for me and their communication is top notch.

– Todd M.

I’ve been using Sitehues Media services for over a year now. This is a company that continues to provide value in all areas, including customer service. The entire team is professional, patient, and courteous.

– Javier R.

Leverage existing demand for your product or service and get ahead of the competition with targeted search strategies.


The Sitehues Media Facebook Ads Process


Maximize your business’s online presence with our all-inclusive marketing solutions! Our experienced team has the tools to get you up and running, including setting up social media accounts and implementing analytics platforms for tracking progress. Don’t miss out on making a powerful statement in today’s digital world.


We make it simpler to form meaningful connections with your ideal customers. Our innovative research strategies allow you to create customized leads and messages, helping you drive more conversions than ever before!

Ad Creation

Our experienced design team is here to transform your story into captivating, custom digital ads that will promote and showcase your products or services with spectacular finesse.


Tap into success with trend awareness; consistent observation keeps you ahead of the game and ensures your campaigns reach their maximum potential. Utilize these performance metrics to get insights on how to maximize effectiveness for optimum results.

Our team of industry aficionados is here to equip you with the finest quality service, so that together we can craft a tailored social media presence. Strategically created advertisements for each platform combined with powerful analytics tracking will ensure success! Now it’s simpler than ever before to manage multiple accounts from one convenient source.


Sitehues Media Facebook Ads

Custom Ad Creation

Increase your visibility online with customized advertising created by our experienced team. Stand out and leave the competition in awe!

Audience Targeting

Unlock the potential of your content with Sitehues Media’s powerful approach. Connect to those it matters most and elevate engagement with advanced strategies and technology!

Strategic Budgeting

Maximize your opportunities with a tailored budget approach. Put the automation power to work and watch clicks transform into results!

Clear Objectives

Achieve success with your social media campaign by setting clear objectives and utilizing an optimized marketing approach. Doing so will ensure you receive measurable results that demonstrate the effectiveness of your efforts.

Transparent Reports

Our reporting system is essential for you to reach your objectives – quickly and proficiently. It offers ongoing results, so any necessary adjustments can be made in a timely manner to optimize performance levels.

High Quality Leads

Take your business to the next level with tailored, high-quality leads. Harnessing premium prospects can provide you with an efficient boost towards achieving success – saving money while increasing conversions!

Tap into the power of social media to skyrocket your business! Our Facebook Ads services help you gain extensive visibility, drive leads and boost sales.